For Rüdiger Joswig to help socially disadvantaged, oppressed people, and those who without fault of their own are in need of help, above all children, is the obvious thing to do. He has paid for the education of three children in Zimbabwe, he supports orphans of HIV in in Namibia and regularly donates to the “Herrmann-Gmeiner-Fond“ for SOS-Kinderdörfer, in order to support their charitable causes. But he also supports charitable projects in Germany. In March of 2009 he was part of the “Aktion Vitamin B” of the “Diakonisches Werk” Berlin-Brandenburg, and he actively promotes the “Sandra Völker- Foundation for children with asthma” and always participates in donation campaigns of the “Unicef”- such as the UNICEF Calendar 2008 and the “ Travemünder Fahnenmeer”.

It is most important to him that the highest possible percentage of donations reaches the people in need , instead of the majority getting gobbled up by administrative costs.

The participation with “Amnesty International” is a great desire of his, since he despises the repression that dictatorships inflict upon their people, something that he personally experienced.

Rüdiger Joswig